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Raved about by New England Chronicle, Phantom Gourmet and the Boston Globe, Chocolate Therapy is committed to providing the country's best handcrafted, artisanal chocolate with the added health benefits of antioxidant-rich ingredients. At our store, you will find over 40 truffles, bark, chocolate-covered potato chips, French Macarons and other assorted chocolates that indulge your senses, treats your body and soothes your soul.

Rich in healthy antioxidants, our collection features innovative flavor combinations, such as the tart Pom Balm with dark chocolate and pomegranate, spicy Cure which combines cayenne, cinnamon and bay leaf, smooth and savory Artistaeus with cold pressed olive oil and dark chocolate and Gen Mai Cha featuring green tea, roasted brown rice, lime leaf and white chocolate. We also feature a line of hot and iced beverages including our signature Boston Iced Tea, Real Hot Chocolate as well as mocha's and lattes featuring our own premium line of gourmet coffee.

Have a special event coming up? Ask about our custom chocolates and boxes! We can create special treats using your logo, custom molds and more. Perfect for corporate gifts, events and weddings!